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Virtual Coin Cabinet II

Coin Collection and Inventory Software

Now you can print coin tags, illustrated catalogs, lists and web pages — all with the click of a button. The Virtual Coin Cabinet handles any coins, medals, tokens, chips — even those unusual items most collection software programs just won't accommodate.

Use the links in the navigation bar above to view sample screen and tags.

Easily manage your collection or inventory

  • Print Tags from preset designs or design your own tag
  • Print Catalogs or column lists of your collection records
  • Create and edit records (even records from older programs)
  • Assign categories of your choosing and update your wantlist instantly
  • Select the items you want, arranged in any order for viewing or printing
  • Display your digital images of items on screen, or in printed catalogs
  • View total values, costs, sales, profits on any item, group, or your whole collection
  • HTML-export option saves your records to a Web-table to use on your website

Virtual Coin Cabinet click here to download

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