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To keep all our members informed, we have created a page for the minutes of our meetings. We will update this page each month.  Please check each month if you missed a meeting or if you want a copy of the minutes.

North Hills Coin Club                                                                          

December 10, 2007 Meeting



The meeting was opened by President Stephen Laschon at 7:00PM.  The minutes of the November meeting were read and approved. 


Treasurer’s Report - $508.00.

                        +          110.00   dues

                        -           45.00  pizza


Old Business:

2008 dues were collected from 9 existing members and 2 new members.


The membership application of Rudy Duda was read and he was unanimously approved for membership.


The following new officers were nominated and approved for 2008:

President:  Ron West

Vice President:  Vic Nolan

Secretary/Treasurer:  Deborah Laschon


The following was discussed concerning planning for March 30, 2008 coin show:

      -     Steve is going to send contract to dealers

-         Need to finalize design of wooden nickels

-         Further planning will be done at January meeting starting at 6:30


New Business:

New members Tom Abbott and Zachary Anderson were introduced to the club.  They both completed a membership application and paid 2008 dues. 



None.  We had our Christmas grab bag gift exchange and dinner.


The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.



Respectfully submitted,



Ron West



Download a copy of the prevoius month's minutes.  All copies are in Adobe Acrobat

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Our next meeting is on Monday April 9, 2007

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